I've got two questions for those who use the ColdFusion Cookbook:

  1. Should we publish questions that are database specific? For example, "How do get a random record in SQL Server?" or "How do you get the last inserted record in Oracle?" While I've certainly needed this type of help before in my ColdFusion applications, my inclination is to not publish these type of entries.
  2. How do people feel about super-simple questions that really could be answered by a simple reading of the docs? Sure we have some already, like looping over a structure, but here is an example I thought of this morning: "How do I retrieve the source of a remote web page?" The answer is obviously CFHTTP, but is it really obvious? I'm thinking that would be good for the cookbook since my target audience is more beginner then anything else. Actually, my "target" is folks looking to solve problems. Anyway - thoughts?

By the way - we hit 40 entries today! I hope to hit 50 by the end of the week. Once we hit a 100 entries I may start looking at services to publish bound copies of the book. (One I like so far is LuLu.)