Last week my wife and I got to see the Blue Man Group. I saw them for the first time at MAX 06 in Vegas and all I remember thinking was that this was the most incredibly exciting performance I had seen in my life. It made me feel like I was four years old on Christmas morning.

So when they actually came down to Lafayette (which isn't a small town, but most groups will hit up NO or Baton Rouge instead), I decided to get my wife and I tickets for her birthday. The tour, named "How to be a Megastar Tour 2.1" had a funny premise. The guys (not sure if they have a name - the Blue Men?) send out for a DVD to help them become megastar rock and rollers. So a lot of the DVD talked about typical rock star/concert type things. For example - the times when everyone moves theirs head up and down, or put two fingers up in the air, etc. Funny stuff.

Unfortunately, in ways it was like a real concert. There were about 6 songs (sung by some woman I had never heard of, or a guy, ditto). It was funny. The show would go from these moments of super insane coolness (when the Blue Men were doing stuff) to incredible boredom when the singing started. You would see streams of folks get up to go pee as soon as this lady would start singing. In ways it was frustrating. But was it worth the money? Heck yeah. For the times when it wasn't boring it was just as exciting as you would think. I'd probably see them again - but not the same tour.

What was truly surprising was the opening act, a guy named Mike Relm. I'm not exactly sure what you would call him. His MySpace describes him as "Hip Hop / Psychedelic / Comedy". I guess you could call him a 'scratcher', someone who makes music by scratching LPs, or I think in his case it was all virtual. While he played there was a constant stream of video behind him that was pretty cool (and funny) at times. Both my wife and I would have enjoyed a show with just him. If you have the opportunity to see him perform, you definitely need to.