I'm happy to announce version 2 of Lighthouse Pro, my ColdFusion Bug Tracking application. Changes include:

  • Removal of Flash Forms. I love Flash Forms - but found that once I removed them, the application was a heck of a lot more zippier. I was also able to get a lot of things working that I couldn't do before.
  • You can now create a user and subscribe them to projects as well. Before you could only assign them. You then had to ask them to logon and subscribe to ensure they got email notifications. It was a silly thing - but it is fixed now.
  • Issues can have attachments.
  • Quick Stats added to home page.

Enjoy. Like most of my "dot oh" releases, I'm sure it has a few, um, issues with it. One thing I didn't get to add that I really want to is a search feature. This would let you search issues for keywords. Something else I didn't get around to is a print feature for multiple issues. This wasn't my idea but a user's suggestion. It allows you to quickly make a nice PDF of all the issues for a project. Anyway, that is just a glimpse of the future for LHP. Enjoy.

Happy New Year. In case folks are wondering why I'm not posting much - I'm off this week. I won't be back on a normal schedule till Tuesday.