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So, I got a promotion. Probably not a big deal to most folks, but this is the first time I've been promoted to something more than a simple coder. I'm now the Director of Development for Mindseye. This basically means I head up the development team, helping direct our efforts and acting an interface between the rest of the company and the developers. Best of all, I still spend a significant amount of time doing actual dev work.

So - the only drawback to all of this is that it means my family and I will be leaving sunny Louisiana for sub-zero Boston. I love the city of Boston, but I think the weather is going to kill me.

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Comment 1 by Freddys posted on 6/22/2004 at 5:15 AM

Congrats on the promotion! With your talents, I'm sure it's well deserved!

Comment 2 by Erik Madsen posted on 6/22/2004 at 5:45 AM

Congrats Ray. Could be worse... like moving to Las Vegas in the summer. That was not so much fun.

Comment 3 by ericd posted on 6/22/2004 at 5:59 AM

Congrats!!! Welcome to Boston, where I live and work. I'm sure you've probably heard of Convoq. If you ever come by to visit, make sure to ask around so we can meet in person!

Comment 4 by seancorfield posted on 6/22/2004 at 6:20 AM

Congrats! Almost back to the former-Allaire stomping ground :)

Comment 5 by Scott Fitchet posted on 6/22/2004 at 7:09 AM

Very cool, Ray. Congrats! Hope to make it one of their next open houses. Enjoy the elevator!

Comment 6 by Johnny Boursiquot posted on 6/22/2004 at 4:01 PM

Congradulations man!

I feel your pain about the weather down here. I moved here for a job myself less than a year ago. Even from 500 miles away (Maryland), I still found the weather to be such a downer sometimes. But, like I did, you'll get used to it after about your second or third snow storm.

Welcome to Boston.

All the best.

Comment 7 by David Fekke posted on 6/22/2004 at 5:00 PM


Congratulations on the promotion. I have had to do a lot of work up in Boston over the last couple of months with my company. The weather does suck. Try not to get caught in any snow drifts, and aviod the "Big Dig".

Comment 8 by Tom Cornilliac posted on 6/22/2004 at 5:28 PM

Congratulations Ray! Boston will grow on you. It's a wonderful city, rich in history. On average the snow is not too bad. I loved the time I spent there, although I could have done without all the toll roads! So much for that easy commute to MAX :)

Comment 9 by Calvin Ward posted on 6/22/2004 at 6:17 PM

Congratulations Ray! That's awesome news!

Comment 10 by Chris Wigginton posted on 6/23/2004 at 12:04 AM

Weather I can deal with, but the Big Dig and the general road layout! Ugh! At least the Big Dig is more than 90% complete.

Be sure and stop by the Black Rose and have a pint for me.

Congrats Ray!

Comment 11 by David Athey posted on 6/23/2004 at 1:55 PM

Congrats Raymond. Welcome to Boston.

Comment 12 by tony weeg posted on 6/24/2004 at 5:01 AM

just in time for max to be in your hometown, great timing!

Comment 13 by tony weeg posted on 6/24/2004 at 5:02 AM

just kidding man, CONGRATS!!!

Comment 14 by Larry C. Lyons posted on 6/24/2004 at 6:00 PM

congrats Ray on the promotion. Great news.

btw you'll like that part of the country. BTW for a great daytrip check out Mystic Seaport.


Comment 15 by Peter J. Farrell posted on 6/25/2004 at 4:08 PM

Congrats Ray!

Don't worry about the snow - you'll live. I'm originally from MN and now I live in Montreal Quebec - even farther north. Now you'll actually get four seasons instead of hot and warm.


Comment 16 by Brian Meloche posted on 6/30/2004 at 9:36 PM

Good luck on the promotion, Ray! I kind of wondered when you didn't call yourself "Jedi Master" in your CFUN presentation. Don't worry about the snafus with your projector, by the way. The presentation still went off quite well.