Just as a warning - this entry has some spoilers. So - tonight's episode was a bit low on plot. It was a good episode, don't get me wrong, anything with Sawyer is pretty good, but as for the general "What the hell is going on" plot nothing much happened, however, here are a few random notes:

I didn't think much of Hurley's comment about time travel. I don't know why - but time travel would just be so trivial. It would also be pretty evident. Before the old song played, we heard a DJ (in French I think), and I'm sure it would be evident from what he says if the broadcast was from another time.

As I mentioned in my last review, Charlie is definitely slipping to the dark side. We saw in the preview for next week that one of the Other's get captured. Watch Charlie get pretty friendly with him.

Speaking of next week - we finally get to see what happens when the timer hits zero. All I can say is - about time.

I spoke to someone on IRC this week who said that, supposedly, the black smoke is in every episode, did anyone see it this week? How about any other secrets?