Using ColdFusion to find the RSS URL from a web site

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Many web sites now include a simple way to autodiscover the RSS feed for the site. This is done via a simple LINK tag and is supported by all the modern browsers. You should see - for example - a RSS icon in the address bar at this blog because I have the following HTML in my HEAD block:

<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="RSS" href="" />

I was talking to Todd Sharp today about how ColdFusion could look for this URL and I came up with the following snippet.

<cfset urls = ["", "", "", ""]>

<cfloop index="u" array="#urls#"> <cfoutput>Checking #u#<br/></cfoutput>

&lt;cfhttp url="#u#"&gt;
&lt;cfset body = cfhttp.fileContent&gt;
&lt;cfset linkTags = reMatch("&lt;link[^&gt;]+type=""application/rss\+xml"".*?&gt;",body)&gt;
&lt;cfif arrayLen(linkTags)&gt;
    &lt;cfset rssLinks = []&gt;
    &lt;cfloop index="ru" array="#linkTags#"&gt;
        &lt;cfif findNoCase("href=", ru)&gt;
            &lt;cfset arrayAppend(rsslinks, rereplaceNoCase(ru,".*href=""(.*?)"".*", "\1"))&gt;
	&lt;cfdump var="#rsslinks#" label="RSS Links"&gt;
    None found.


The snippet begins with a few sample URLs I used for testing. We then loop over each and perform a HTTP get. From this we can then use some regex to find link tags. You can have more than one so I create an array for my results and append to it the URLs I find within them. Nice and simple, right? You could also turn this into a simple UDF:

<cfscript> function getRSSUrl(u) { var h = new com.adobe.coldfusion.http(); h.setURL(arguments.u); h.setMethod("get"); h.setResolveURL(true); var result = h.send().getPrefix().fileContent; var rssLinks = []; var linkTags = reMatch("<link[^>]+type=""application/rss\+xml"".*?>",result);

if(arrayLen(linkTags)) {
    var rssLinks = [];
    for(var ru in linkTags) {
        if(findNoCase("href=", ru)) arrayAppend(rsslinks, rereplaceNoCase(ru,".*href=""(.*?)"".*", "\1"));
return rssLinks;    

} </cfscript>

Not sure how useful this is - but enjoy!

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