Todd Sharp just launched a new project, Let me "innovate" some text from his blog entry:

I'm proud to announce the launch of my latest project, The site is the first public SnipEx repository open to all snippet types for CFEclipse. If you're not familiar with Snippets in Eclipse, they're basically simple chunks of code - typically repetitive type tasks - that you can quickly and easily insert into your code by point/click or keyboard shortcut combinations. Jared Rypka-Hauer has already started a library on the site - check it out to get a feeling for how the site works. If you have snippets to add just register, verify your account and start adding snippets to the existing library or create your own. To use the SnipEx repository, click on 'SnipEx Server(s)' and copy the URL shown on that page and paste it into CFEclipse. For more on how to set that up see this post from Mark Drew.

I'm pretty happy to see this as I think SnipEx is one of the coolest IDE features I've ever seen.