I know - a very generic title there. These two things made the rounds on Twitter recently and I realize that not all of my readers are addicted to the Twitter-crack as much as I am. I also thought these were some pretty damn important links so I wanted to share them here as well.

First - this is an epic StackOverflow post on user authentication best practices: The definitive guide to forms based website authentication. In case it isn't obvious, you want to read the main question and spend your time on the first answer. This has to be one of the best guides on the matter that I've ever seen.

Second - this is a video from the Full Frontal JavaScript Conference. It talks about console browsers. This is something I've brought up at the past few Create the Web events I've attended, specifically focused on the IE9 browser available on the XBox. The speaker, Anna Beneham, makes a great point. We are rapidly approaching a time where we won't be able to just think of phones, tablets, and desktops.

Note - the audio on this video is very low. You will need to crank up your speakers quite a bit.