Can this be my last Dell Hell post? On Tuesday morning I emailed Dell, since I still can't make long distance phone calls. I can receive them, just not make them. Anyway, I emailed Dell about replacing the battery. First I got an email saying I could return it. I said I wanted to exchange it. Dell said I could only exchange it for the same product. I said that's what I meant.

Then Dell said, oops, you are past your 21 days.

I then mentioned how Dell techs had asked me to wait to call back, and how Katrina had knocked out the long distance lines so I wouldn't have been able to call anyway.

Then Dell wrote back again and said, actually, I had a year long warranty on the purchase.

I just got an email saying my new battery is on the way, and I will ship back the screwy one.

So - since I complained (and complained, and complained) about Dell, it is only right to mention that they are finally helping me out, even though I had to fight for it.