So, a while ago I blogged about how our city voted to approve a bond to pay for fiber to the home. This would let the city offer phone/video/net service via fiber optics to the home. BellSouth and Cox were... slightly upset at the city for daring to attack their monopolies and fought very hard. They did things like sponsoring polls that led people to believe that television from the city would not be allowed to watch religious programs.

Since the election, Cox has accepted the will of the people, while BellSotuh has fought very strongly against the city. They have brought up multiple suits, all of which have been denied. This is covered in much detail at the Lafayette Pro Fiber blog.

Anyway, the reason for this entry was to point out a very funny (but sad), flash animation created to "thank" BellSouth. Warning - the Flash is a bit loud, but very appropriately describes what our telco is doing to "protect us" from the big bad city.