A while ago I blogged about how we can't seem to ban cock fighting, but have no trouble attempting to ban sales of violent video games to minors. Now that colossal waste of time has cost Louisiana over half a million dollars when a federal judge ruled against the state.

This is a complete and utter travesty. Even if you supported the bill, you need only look at the multiple other states where this failed and realize that this bill would have no chance in hell of passing.

And now we (well, those of us in Louisiana) have to pay the bill. Just so it's clear - I'm not mad at the judge's ruling. It is perfectly fair that the legal fees be reimbursed.

This is my new proposal. Anytime a legislator passes a bill that fails, she or he needs to be personally responsible for it if the bill ends up being struck down like this one was. Every single government official who voted for this bill should split the bill. Shoot, they can probably easily afford it.

While I'm writing "Fantasy Laws", let me write another one. No more god dang "motions". If the government votes for anything that is not law related or money related, the legislatures should be off the clock and have their pay docked. By this I mean stupid crap like "We support So and So" or "We officially dislike boogers." If the result of the vote is just a statement, it is a waste of time, especially when we have two wars going on. I think all of us, those for, and those against, the current wars, could agree with that. (Of course, maybe I'm crazy in thinking multiple wars are more important than flag burning and gay marriage. I mean, look at how many soldiers were killed by flag burning gays getting married!)

End of Rant.