Canvas ColdFusion Wiki Updated

I've updated Canvas ColdFusion Wiki tonight. These changes reflect the feedback from my users, specifically Rob Brooks-Bilson, Doug Hughes, and Sean Corfield. So what was changed?

  • Layout was 100% pure CSS. It's not partially table-based. I feel real bad about that, but I'll get over it. It was causing some errors with IE and frankly I'd rather spend more time on the server-side stuff.
  • Fixed a few case issues with createObject.
  • PageRender had some big updates. First off, my use of _ and + for italics and bold caused issues when those values were in URLs. I tried like hell to find a good solution, but simple couldn't. Someone suggested [b] and [i], and that worked great. I'm not happy with the extra typing, but it worked.
  • Added support for headings and code blocks. This is from Doug Hughes.
  • And a few other small fixes.

Enjoy. Someone kick me if I don't get a demo site up by the end of the year.

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