Dale asks about var scoped variables:

I think the answer is no, but it seems strange. All variables go into a scope somehow.

But if I declare 5 variables as var within a function, coldfusion knows that they are only for that function, but how can I get to them? Is it possible to dump all var variables for a given function? Where are they hiding, are they a struct withing some other scope.

If I dump all the scopes, variables, this, sesssion etc would they simply not exist.

I normally use <cfset var local = structNew() />

Which gets around this, but really wondering where the variables live.

You are correct. Var scoped variables are "special" and currently there is no way to enumerate them in ColdFusion. That is exactly why some people use a local struct as you have described above. Yes, ColdFusion does know about them, and yes, it is a bit odd that they don't have a proper scope, unlike every single other variable out there.

Personally I don't like using a struct for my var scoped variables. It just seems like too much to type. Of course the flip side is that I'm typing more var scopes. I also kind of like seeing the var scope lines as it helps remind me what is going on inside my function.