Good morning programs. Before I get started with the three links I want to share with yall, some personal notes.

  • Tomorrow I'm giving a free online presentation at the Adobe ColdFusion Online Summit where I'll be talking about how to use Adobe Acrobat PDF Services with ColdFusion. Join me and see how easy the APIs are,or, join me and laugh at how bad my ColdFusion skills have gotten.
  • I had my second <Code><Br> episode last week and it went great (imo). I walked through building a simple to play web-based game based on Paper, Rocks, Scissors. You can watch the recording here:
  • I decided to give another ad network a try, I saw it on another site and loved how lightweight and simple they were. I'm not sure how well it will work, but if it offsets my only cost (the newsletter), then it's a win. As a reminder, I'm looking for sponsors for this blog, and if you or your company would like to do so, just reach out!

sparkly-text for making the web more... sparkly #

For my first link, I've got a fun little web component called sparkly-text. As you can imagine, this creates a completely unnecessary but very cute and fun "sparkle" effect on your text with a simple wrapper:

<sparkly-text>Hello sparkles</sparkly-text>

Check out the blog post/demo for an example, and thank you to Stefan Judis for sharing the cuteness!

You don't know JSON #

Ok, maybe I don't know JSON, or surely not as well as I did. This incredibly detailed and deep look at JSON, Judicious JSON , covers about 900 things I didn't quite know about the spec, it's use, and so forth. Absolutely worth your time even if, like me, you've been using JSON for over a decade and figured you had a good handle on it.

Thank you to the fine folks at Socket for sharing.

Centering Divs - But it's Awesome... #

I've said this before and I'll say it again. Josh W Comeau produces some of the best technical content I've seen in my entire career. Each post contains numerous interactive examples that really help drive the point home. I don't care what the topic is - if I see one of his articles, I'm going to it, because I'll come away more knowledgeable and inspired to improve my technical writing/presenting skills.

In his latest piece, he presents a deep dive into how to center a div. No, not with the <center> tag (yes, it really was a thing in the past), but rather with CSS and loads and loads of examples.