So, this is my problem. I have a CFC where you need to call an init on it to set certain values up. So, the logic is:

Make an instance in X.

The problem is - how can I ensure people always call init? The simple yet yucky solution is to let init set a variable called loaded. If you call any other method, a check is made to checkLoaded(), which throws an error if init was never called. This works, but requires me adding hooks to all my methods.

The other possible solution - make the init() method actually return an instance of the CFC itself, so you could do something like this instead:

x = createObject("component","foo").init("moo")

However, if the user doesn't create the CFC in this manner, all the methods will fail when run.

So, what do you think is best? On one hand, we have a solution that is somewhat idiot-proof. On the otherhand we have a solution that is less "hacky" but more prone to user error.