Wednesday I blogged about ColdFusion arrays and today I got permission to mention another new feature in ColdFusion 8 - Array-based CFLOOP. In the past you would loop over an array like so:

<cfloop index="x" from="1" to="#arrayLen(arr)#"> <cfoutput>#arr[x]#<br /></cfoutput> </cfloop>

ColdFusion 8 adds a new array attribute to cfloop so you can do this instead:

<cfloop index="x" array="#arr#"> <cfoutput>#x#<br /></cfoutput> </cfloop>

I don't think this has been shared yet publicly, so enjoy, and remember that I was given permission to share this. This weekend I think I'll resurrect my 'Known Facts' blog post and update it with all the juicy bits that have been revealed lately.