CFBL Update - Week 7 - The "Numbers Lie" Edition

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Ok honestly, that "edition" really makes no sense. Anyway, here is the report from week 7. I had a great week - 5 pounds lost. Pretty surprising since I was sick for the last half of the week and didn't do as much exercise.

Week 7 weight total: 4,470 Week 7 weight average: 235.26 Week 7 lowest: 179 Week 7 highest: 385 People this week: 17 Biggest Loser (Pounds): Scot Stroz (6 lbs) Biggest Loser (%): Raymond Camden ( 2.27 %) Total Weight Lost: 19

Heh, I didn't even notice my name there till just now. Well congrats to Scott and I. :)

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