As I prepare my final bits of code for my MAX presentation (on CFFEED), I incorporated Rupesh Kumar's blog entry on cffeed and gzip compression problems. I noticed something odd though in his code example:

<cfcatch any>

Normally that line is written as:

<cfcatch type="any">

I then played around with this. At first I thought that maybe cfcatch was treating what it saw as a shortcut for type=. I tried this:

<cfcatch application>

And it worked fine. The code Rupesh had written through an Application type error. But then I tried something completely different:

<cfcatch parishilton="ismyhero">

And lo and behold - it worked as well. So I guess cfcatch simply ignores unknown attributes, unlike most of the rest of the language. Rupesh's code worked because the type attribute defaults to any. It was like he wrote: