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Bug where if no entries for current month and next month is browsed via calendar. Another one found by Rob Brooks-Bilson. As always, the download zip has been updated.

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Comment 1 by Hilary Bridel posted on 6/7/2003 at 3:57 PM

In the cfc you refer to a function named "getDate()"

Where does this function/method reside?

Comment 2 by Raymond Camden posted on 6/7/2003 at 4:33 PM

It''s a SQL function, not a CF function, notice there is no # around it. getDate() is the same as CF''s now() function.

Comment 3 by Hilary Bridel posted on 6/7/2003 at 5:15 PM

Ok, so by the same token, things like dateDiff() and Day() are SQL functions.

What then would be the most efficient way to handle using an MS Access db (or any other data source) that does not support some of these SQL functions?

I have a child cfc that inherits from your cfc for additional methods - would It be wise to overwrite the base methods from the child, bearing in mind that I would like to easily include any changes you make to the base cfc?

Also, I see that blog.sql has been modified. Have you changed the structure of the database since you first released the code?

Appreciate your help Ray ....

Comment 4 by Raymond Camden posted on 6/8/2003 at 4:47 AM

Access has it''s own functions. For example, getDate() in Access is the same as CF, now(). Access also has a datediff function... and I think it''s called dateDiff. The best thing to do is just search on google.

I don''t _believe_ that I''ve modified the tables... actually, I did once, but I know that when I did it, I updated the sql file in the zip.