Just a quick reminder that if you previously subscribed to my blog to get new posts by email, that feature went away when I changed to Wordpress. I'm using Feedburner for my RSS feed now and they allow you to subscribe. Just follow this link and you're good to go.

And as another aside - if you like what you read here, consider visiting my Amazon Wishlist, and if you do, let me know! I just got "Sleeping Dogs" for the PS4 and Amazon included no information about who got it for me. If it is you, dear reader, thank you!

p.s. I played "Sleeping Dogs" already on the XBox, it was one of the free games you get as part of XBox Live Gold, which is a damn nice perk and easily worth the cost of Gold. The game is fun as heck - kind of an Asian Gran Theft Auto. I'm looking forward to playing it again.