I'm in Detroit, now where is Robocop?

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I arrived in Detroit today around 5. This was after a rather uneventful set of flights, so imagine my surprise when I entered what can only be called the "Tube of Magic." This was a pedestrian walkway that had walls shimmering like magic while freaky New Age type music played in the background. It was like being in an acid trip. I did take some pictures on my camera phone, but don't have my USB cable with me. I cannot begin to describe this thing. It was like something out of a 70s drug trip.

Outside of that I haven't done much. I met up with my coworkers and we had some darn excellent Greek food. I think I ate more food tonight then I did in the previous 48 hours. Tomorrow night the Compuware conference starts up and I'm looking forward to learning more about their products.

Oh - and it was real nice travelling with the Macbook Pro instead of the 200 pound XPS.

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