Ok, I've googled this quite a bit and am about ready to give up and call Tech Support. Before I do I thought I'd ask my super-intelligent, incredibly handsome readers. I know one of you have probably seen this before and can share some advice.

So - my XBox 360 has always frozen once or twice. Not very often though. I remember COD3 freezing twice in the 5-6 hours I played it. Before that I know a few other games did it - but just as rare.

I'm now on an XBox 360 Elite. Everything was fine until I got Red Faction. It froze, and continued to freeze, after about 30-60 seconds of play. After 5-6 instances of this the first night I just put the game down. The next night I tried it again and it worked.... for 45 minutes or so. This continued for the next couple play sessions until eventually, it's like the game healed itself. I stopped getting freezes and could play for as long as I wanted.

So fast forward to last night. I get Sacred 2, and the same thing occurs. Freezes. I can start a game session and just sit there and within a minute or so it will freeze. I thought maybe it could be a bad HD copy. So I switched out the hard drive on the Elite and it didn't help. I read a recommendation to go offline but that didn't help either. I also did the system cache clear thing as well. Nogo.

Must be hardware, right? Well I switched to playing Gears 2 and it worked fine.

So any ideas? Oh - and the disc is about as perfect as I've seen. Not even the faintest scratch.