My First Lynda Course - Learning Ionic

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So this kinda snuck up on me (in terms of how quickly it got produced I mean ;), but I'm happy to announce my first course for (AKA LinkedIn Learning):

Learning Ionic

It's a short course meant to introduce folks to Ionic 2 (but will work just fine with Ionic 3/X) and I think it's a rather 'gentle' introduction for folks who have only seen Ionic 1 so far and are a bit worried about the jump to Ionic/Angular 2. Here are topics covered:

  • Making a default application
  • Exploring application files
  • Adding navigation and UI components
  • Theming
  • Using a hard-coded detail view
  • Adding the SW provider via CLI
  • Making a list and a details page
  • Adding a loading widget
  • Using native and market Ionic resources

Anyway, I think it's good. But obviously I'm biased. ;) As always, check it out, let me know what you think (positive or negative), and enjoy. I know I've been laser focused on serverless lately, and that certainly isn't because I'm done with Ionic!

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