A few weeks ago I blogged about the Marvel API and how incredibly cool it was that Marvel would let developers play with their data. I built a demo (marvel.raymondcamden.com) with it but I was really curious to see what smarter folks would do. My friend Simon Mac Donald built something really cool.

I had never heard of it, but there is an Android app called Muzei that will automatically update your wallpaper with art work. Turns out it also has a plugin api. Simon was able to make use of some of the code from my demo and create a plugin for Muzei called Comic Cover Muzei. This means you can get random Marvel covers as your background.

When he told me about this I was a bit skeptical that it would work well. Covers are cool but I thought they may be too "busy" as a tablet wallpaper. But by default Muzei displays the artwork fuzzed out and dimmed. As an example:

If it looks cool, you double click on the desktop and it comes into focus.

Check it out. Both Muzei and Simon's plugin are free. More details about how he built it may be found on his blog post.