I just got an IM from Neil M asking what the most popular OS licenses were at RIAForge. I had never really thought to even care about that before - but it was definitely an interesting question. I wrote up a quick SQL script in Aqua Data Studio and was happy to discover they allow you to export results into HTML. Here are the results:

"189""Apache License, Version 2"
"38""GPL (GNU General Public License)"
"12""LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)"
"10""Mozilla Public License"
"10""GPL (GNU General Public License), Version 2"
"9""Creative Commons (Attribution Share Alike)"
"8""Common Public License"
"6""Creative Commons (Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike)"
"5""Creative Commons (Attribution)"
"2""Creative Commons (Attribution Non-commercial)"
"1""Creative Commons (Attribution Non-commercial No Derivatives)"
"1""Common Development and Distribution License (CDDL) Version 1.0"

And wow - that is some ugly HTML, I mean it even uses the FONT tag. Still though - darn handy feature to have! (I should add a 'Export to HTML' feature to my database explorer.)