Creative Cloud Update Today

Just a quick note to let my readers know that another update to Creative Cloud has landed today. Other people have written it up better so I'm just going to share a few links. The updates are to Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC, and Muse CC. (I saw a presentation on Muse a few weeks back and was really impressed. Obviously it isn't something I'd use, but for non-technical people it looks like a pretty darn cool solution, especially when you mix in the hosting options.)

Out of all the updates, the coolest though is perspective warp. I am convinced that Photoshop is built with pure magic. This is - again - one more example of that. My buddy Andrew Trice created a cool video showing it off. (I've linked to his post below.)

Just to be clear, when you add Optimus to anything you win. Period.

Want to learn more? You can start off over at with this good overview: Adobe Creative Cloud--A Platform for Innovation. Then read Andy's post here for a look at perspective warp: Perspective Warp in Adobe Photoshop CC. Remember, if you haven't signed up for Creative Cloud you can do so for free and get 30 day trials of everything discussed here (plus a crap ton of other products as well). Sign up here:

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