Joe Rinehart pinged me this morning about the 'rebirth' of an old enemy: Sys-Con. They are using the new name of Ulitzer. You can find them here (not using a real link so as to not give them any Google credit):

They have also created an author portal (,, etc) with whatever old content they could dig up.

If you were an old Sys-Con author and still have access to your author agreement, please email me asap as myself, and Joe, and others, are too pleased about this and want to find out if the agreements really allow them to do this.

I can also say that the 'Send Email' link on my portal does not seem to go to me, so anyone thinking they are sending email to me via their portal will be reaching someone else. (Is that even legal?)

Anyway, please be aware this is not something that any of us support. I can't speak for all the authors of course (just the few who IMed me this morning), but I wanted to be 100% clear that I do not support what they are doing.

p.s. I just noticed - the contributors list goes beyond the visible realm. Ctrl-A on the coldfusion page. If your name is on that list, you may want to ask them to remove it.

p.s.s. Let me also add this point. Note the Google Ads on the site. As an Adsense Publisher (for another site, I don't buy ads for my blog), I believe you can restrict where your ads show up. Adobe, Seefusion, and others, do you really want your name on this site after what they did to members of the CF community?