A few months ago I posted about the loss of my wife. I thought I'd give folks an update and share some good news.

The last few months have been extremely difficult, but I am making progress. Thanks to the help of family and friends, I've been able to go from "going through the motions enough for the kids" to "starting a new life". Early on I decided to see a therapist and that has been - easily - the best decision I've made in a long time. If you are going through any kind of grief, or other mental issue, I cannot recommend therapy enough. It isn't the type of thing where you go to a few sessions and are "cured", but rather, my therapist helped me come to terms with my feelings and - most importantly - provided some direction and tools for me to move forward. I have to that on my own but just having a path forward is so damn critical.

My kids are happy and healthy - I've got my workspace back (thank God for school and daycare) - and in general I'm in a good place now. Not great, but good, and one thing I've learned to appreciate is just how damn good that can be.

After some long thought, and talks with my therapist, I've decided that I'm going to return to travel. Not as much as I had before, but I'm going to give it a shot and see how well it works. I've got a great nanny (my niece) and my kids are in a good routine, so I feel like this is the right decision. I love speaking. I mean, I'm actually pretty darn shy and if you've spoken to me at a conference you know this. But I launched this blog years ago as a way to help others and I love sharing knowledge (and learning from others) at conferences.


Happy happy!

I'm happy to say I've got not one but two upcoming speaking enagements coming up. I'll be speaking at a joint meetup between the Google Developer Group and Women Techmakers in Atlanta in October - "An Introduction to Webtask". I'll then be speaking at Connect.Tech on PWAs (Progressive Web Apps). I am beyond excited to be able to do this and I hope it works out well.

Speaking of helping out - as you can tell my blogging has slowed down quite a bit. Frankly it's a bit difficult with my schedule these days, but I'm slowly adjusting and finding my creativity slowly returning so I hope to see an upswing in posts here.