Good morning programs, as I continue my journey into NativeScript via Vue, I thought I'd share a quick review of a new online course that may be of interest to people. "NativeScript-Vue Introduction" is a great course that introduces people to both NativeScript and Vue development. It covers:

  • Setting up your development environment
  • Working with UI (this is perhaps the biggest topic for folks new to NativeScript)
  • Working with Vue (obviously, and you do not need to know Vue before you start)
  • Using Vue Components
  • Adding Routing
  • Styling

While you do not need to know Vue before you start, I would perhaps spend a bit of time going through the introduction so you aren't going in completely blind.

The course is very nicely paced with each section being roughly 2-3 minutes in length. This makes it much easier to learn at your own pace and spend some time playing around a bit while you learn.

I also really like the video platform used on the site. It's one of the simplest platforms I've seen and I appreciate that it isn't too cluttered.

Example of the video UI

The course was created by Alex Ziskind, founder of the site itself, and you should definitely check out the other courses while you are there, although this is currently the only Vue-related one available.

The course is priced at $49, which seems completely reasonable to me and worth the price. If you sign up and mention my name, you get absolutely nothing, but I still recommend you do so anyway.