Friday Challenge - Rolling it Old School, or mine is bigger than yours...

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Ok, so this one is really more of a joke than anything else, but it is Friday and I am willing to put up another Amazon gift certificate for the winner (20 bucks will get you the new Miley Cyrus!!). As you know, encapsulating code and reuse is a "Good Thing (tm)". ColdFusion has long had good options for this - from the simple cfinclude, to custom tags and UDFs, to CFCs. Of course, just because you use a CFC doesn't mean your code is organized nicely. Case in point - BlogCFC. The core component for my blog comes in at a whopping 3087 lines. That doesn't automatically mean that its bad, but.... well, you get the idea.

So here is the challenge. Using Pastebin (not the comments!) share the source of the largest file you have ever created. You must share the code. If you can't, too bad. The person with the largest number of lines will win. (With "win" being a bit relative. ;)

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