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So, everyone (well, in our biz) is talking about the upcoming changes to IE due to the Eolas lawsuit. I was reading over a document over at and noticed something interesting.

Apparently, the prompt to load plugins only occur if your plugin has params and if the params reference external datasources.

Now, my question is this - what if we lie? Is IE changing the browser so that it detects if a plugin is making a net connection? If not, then can't we simply tell the object tag, noexternaldata=true, pass a param, and still let the plugin make a external request? For example, if I pass a param, method=goo, IE doesn't need to know that Flash is going to to take that param, call a cfc, and use the value of method to determine which method to call.

I assume Microsoft wouldn't let something like this slip, but wouldn't it be funny if they did? They could cover themselves legally by saying they provided the framework for developers to comply with the lawsuit, but can't be blamed if the developer incorrectly sets the externaldata attribute.

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