Yesterday, the Adobe CF team announced an update to the ColdFusion docs: ColdFusion documentation update. The summary is that the wiki we have used for a while now is gone and the docs are back in a non-editable, and non-commentable (not really a word, sorry) form. Apparently this isn't a permanent change and in the future sometime it will move to something that allows for more collaboration. You may also run into an SSL issue while browsing the docs (yes, seriously), and if you want to know how to get around that, Adobe as posted a blog entry on that as well (although personally I think they could have fixed it in the time it took to write the blog entry) - SSL certification issue with wikidocs link.

You can find thew new home here:

As an FYI, you can still download the docs here and find the older versions here.

You can also find much quicker versions of the tag/function docs at Pete's site: But note that this is just tags and functions - nothing about Application.cfc or building ColdFusion apps in general. But the search will be much better there. As an example, I searched for cfabort on the Adobe docs, and the CF11 reference for the tag/function didn't show up in the first page of results.

You can also use the CF docs via Dash, a commercial, OSX-only doc viewer that I really recommend. I hope these changes don't impact the availability of docs in the app.