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I'm still doing the live blog, but wanted to make sure this hit the wires. Scott Stroz found on labs Bolt: - the ColdFusion IDE. Follow the link for more info. Right now it's just a sign up.

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Archived Comments

Comment 1 by Alirio Boquín posted on 11/19/2008 at 12:21 AM

Execelent !!!

Thank you

Comment 2 by injun #576871 posted on 11/19/2008 at 12:40 AM

Thanks, Ray for informatin!
yeah, Eclipse!

Comment 3 by Derek posted on 11/19/2008 at 12:42 AM

damn, i didn't want it Eclipse based! Man I hope it works well.

Comment 4 by Raymond Camden posted on 11/19/2008 at 12:48 AM

More info from Kristen:

Comment 5 by johans posted on 11/19/2008 at 12:48 AM

I hope they sort the utf-8 BOM issue. Eclipse does not retain them which means you have to add cfprocessingdirective to everything. Even better is if Centaur complier default is utf-8 - who needs anything else anyway.

Comment 6 by Michael Sharman posted on 11/19/2008 at 1:09 AM

I can't see anyone mentioning price, Adobe labs mentions:

"We are currently targeting the commercial release for some time in 2009."

So I guess that means it won't be free, I wonder how much the product will be though as that will certainly effect the uptake as compared to users of the already excellent cfeclipse.

Comment 7 by Tony Garcia posted on 11/19/2008 at 1:22 AM

I also wonder what this will mean for the continued development of CFEclipse. I've heard some people imply that Mark Drew taking the reigns of the Reactor project means he's out of the IDE business. Although that wouldn't stop others from picking up the mantle....

Comment 8 by tony petruzzi posted on 11/19/2008 at 1:50 AM

They should of just hired Mark Drew to continue to work on CFEclipse. The guy's given so much to the community and deserves some recognition and support from the mothership.

Comment 9 by Joshua Curtiss posted on 11/19/2008 at 2:03 AM

@tony: Maybe they did make him an offer.

I'm excited about this! Now if they offer an education discount like they do for Flex Builder, I'm totally in!

Comment 10 by Thomas Case posted on 11/19/2008 at 2:28 AM

This is great news. It is good to see Adobe support the Eclipse environment. Let's hope both Bolt and Flex 4 support the latest version of Eclipse and Eclipse plug-ins. One disappointment I have with Dreamweaver CS4 is the fact that it doesn't support the latest Subversion binaries. This is an issue when one is using multiple environments, like Subversive (in Eclispes) and TortiseSVN.

Also, let's hope it is around Homesite pricing and not Flex Pro pricing.

Comment 11 by Grover Fields posted on 11/21/2008 at 1:23 AM

Any Eclipsed based IDE?

It would be nice if Adobe was to create one Eclipsed based IDE for:

Flex, Air, Coldfusion, and what-ever else.

Code Name: Jungle!

Comment 12 by Akira posted on 11/21/2008 at 2:12 AM

I'm hoping that they will support Dreamweaver templates in Bolt... Something I haven't figured out how to get CF Eclipse to do.

Comment 13 by Raymond Camden posted on 11/21/2008 at 2:24 AM

@Grover: Yes, Bolt is Eclipse based.

@Akira: Did you look at Snippets in CFE?

Comment 14 by Akira posted on 11/21/2008 at 2:46 AM

Ah, how handy. Thanks Ray.

It doesn't respect the TemplateBegin... stuff but at least the templates are there now. :)

Comment 15 by rotts posted on 11/22/2008 at 10:55 AM

I saw the sneak peek of bolt at max this week, it made me feel warm and fuzzy.
I am a flex developer and come from java land, I refuse to leave eclipse.
I want bolt now!