Yesterday one of my clients (roundpeg) asked for a ColdFusion interface to the YouTube API. This turned out to be rather simple since they made use of a REST API. From this work I was able to build a CFC to work with all the functions defined in the API. This lets you get video information, profile information, search for videos etc. Best of all - roundpeg, Inc was cool with me releasing the code. You can download the CFC below.

Now the bad news is that YouTube will eventually be switching to a GData based API. I am not a fan of Google's APIs so frankly I can't see this as being a good thing - but I'll worry about that when the API is updated.

Here are some sample calls:

<cfset devid = "changethis">

<cfset yt = createObject("component", "youtube").init(devid)>

<!--- get videos by user ---> <cfdump var="#yt.getVideosByUser('joerinehart')#" label="Videos by user.">

<!--- get music videos tagged Lush ---> <cfdump var="#yt.getVideosByCategoryAndTag(10,'Lush')#" label="Lush music videos." top="10">

p.s. Note that you need to get a developer profile and key before you use the code.

Download attached file.

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