CFHOUR requesting donations for Hurricane Sandy victims

The title says it all - the fine folks over at CFHOUR are asking folks to make donations to Hurricane Sandy victims. Everyone who makes a donation and lets them know (see below), will be entered in a contest to win a copy of ColdFusion Builder. To help sweeten the pot, I'll also offer up an hour of my time for general consulting. I'll hook up with whoever wins to set up a time on Connect (or Skype, etc) to discuss a problem, a topic, or hell, Star Wars, for an hour(ish, don't mind if we go a bit over). Anyway, to "enter", just do this:

Donate some money to a charity that is targeting the relief of victims of Hurricane Sandy. Take a photo of the receipt and post it somewhere on the 'net that can be viewed (obscure any sensitive personal info!), then tweet the URL along with a hash-tag of #CFHourCares.
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