This will probably impact about three people, but as I ran into it, I thought I'd share. In ColdFusion 11, you were supposed to be able to call pretty much any tag from cfscript. Unfortunately, cfwddx doesn't work. And yeah, I actually need it. (I used it to store some complex data for CFLib and I'm working on a migration script to convert it to MongoDB.) Here is the bug report in case anyone wants to vote for it:

As a quick aside, I wrote this to get around it. The syntax is actually shorter than what I would have used if the feature worked.

<cffunction name="decodeWddx">
	<cfargument name="input">
	<cfset var output = "">
	<cfwddx action="wddx2cfml" input="#arguments.input#" output="output">
	<cfreturn output>

Oops - it DOES work! This is what I get for coding too fast. My issue was trying to do x=cfwddx(...) as opposed to just cfwddx by itself. In my opinion, what I wrote should have worked with x simply being undefined, but, whatever. I'm keeping my UDF as it is quicker to use anyway, but please forgive this misfire on a bug report!