I'm happy to announce the release of BlogCFC 5.1. This release adds some very cool features including a simple content management system. This "mini" CMS allows for content editing outside the blog system. This is a great way to build supporting pages for the blog. Along with the CMS changes, here are some of the other changes:

  • Subscriptions now require validation. I had a lot of fake email addresses in my database and this will help clean it out.
  • You can now send an email to your subscribers. This lets you create a newsletter or just communicate with your subscribers.
  • Some clean up to the administrator. I added AJAX to the entry editor using Adobe's Spry technology.
  • Gravatar support in the comments. Gravatar is a cool technology, but the server sucks. There may be something to replace it soon though...

As always, you can download from the project page, and donations to the wish list appreciated. (Especially if it's Prey!)

So why haven't I updated this blog to 5.1? My blog is a mess. Truly, it is. I'm working on a new version now with a completely new design. All I have to do is get some of the side content down, and thankfully that is a lot easier now.