XBox Live Gamercard API in ColdFusion

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There isn't a real API for XBox Live, but I thought it would be fun to whip one up. This UDF is a bit ugly and needs to be cleaned. I'll release to CFlib once I've made it nicer. Right now it returns gamescore (nerd score!), a link to your gamer image, your last five games played, your XBox Live level, and a link to your XBox Live URL.

To get your data, you just pass in your XBox Live username:

<cfset info = getGamerCard('cfjedimaster')> <cfset info2 = getGamerCard('boyzoid')>

I've attached the UDF and test code to this blog entry. Hopefully Microsoft will come to their senses and create a real API soon so we can avoid all this silly string parsing.

Download attached file.

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