I thought it might be helpful if I shared the URL Rewriting rules I built for the Model-Glue version of CFLib. Right now, only two events work, showLibraries and showLibrary. Here are the rules as defined in Apache:

RewriteRule /showLibraries /?event=showLibraries [PT,NC]
RewriteRule /showLibrary/([0-9]+)/(.*) /?event=showLibrary&id=$1 [PT,NC]

This basically means that if 'showLibraries' is found in the URL, it should be rewritten to the right event format for MG.

The second rule is a bit more complex. The URLS for linking to a library look like so


They include the ID and the library name. So my regex simply checks for "showLibrary", a value number, and it ignores the string at the end.

I had to rewrite the regex a tiny bit for ISAPIRewrite. It uses different flags for one. (In Apache, NC means ignore case. In ISAPIRewrite, the flag is I.) Also, the ? had to be escaped in ISAPIRewrite.