TEOTWAWKI (A good Monday post)

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So I know I'm not the only who thinks TEOTWAWKI is a fun concept, but little did I know how many people are actively planning for it: Apocalpse Soon (As a warning, the link contains profanity, don't read it out loud to your three year old.) I have to be absolutely honest. There is a small part of me (very small) that thinks this kind of training isn't such a bad idea. It's not like we have to invent a way to blow ourselves up to kingdom come. Of course, people have been predicting this for a very long time. My personal opinion is that I can easily see ourselves killing a good 90-99% of the life on the planet, but that nature is strong and would find a way to recover. Just look at the amount of life that exists by the superheated vents under water.

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