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Getting Started with Live Streaming and Amazon IVS #

My buddy Todd Sharp recently started a new gig at Amazon as a developer advocate for Amazon Interactive Video Service. IVS is the service that powers Twitch. IVS allows organizations to set up their own live streaming service powered by AWS and frankly, it's kind of shocking for accessible the setup is. Todd explains all of this and more in his post: "Get Started Live Streaming in the Cloud with Amazon IVS". Give it a read and check it out. I know I was surprised.

Webmentions Eleventy plugin #

I use Webmentions here as a way to show how folks are responding to my blog posts. It wasn't difficult to add to my site, but Luke Bonaccorsi has a great way to make it even easier, with an Eleventy plugin. Here he announces the plugin and links to more information: "No Comment 2: The Webmentioning"

My interview on Breaking Changes #

A few weeks back, I was honored to be interviewed on the Breaking Changes talk show, an event run by Kin Lane of Postman. It was a great conversation and I hope you enjoy it as well.