As the title says, multiple updates were released for ColdFusion today. One is an update to ColdFusion 10 (details may be found here) and the other is a rather big update to ColdFusion 11, Update 5.

You can see the complete list of bug fixes here: Bugs fixed in ColdFusion 11 Update 5. I want to call out one bug in particular that I'm happy is fixed: 3818767: Serialization of query does not respect case.

ColdFusion 11 added a new way to serialize queries - "struct". You could pass this to the serializeJSON function or simply specify it as a default in Application.cfc. I discussed this in detail here: ColdFusion 11’s new Struct format for JSON (and how to use it in ColdFusion 10). While this was cool, the columns were all uppercased when the JSON string was generated. So for example:


While still a better format, most people prefer lowercase. Now ColdFusion let's you specify a setting to tell ColdFusion to use the same case you used in the query. To enable this feature, add this.serialization.preserveCaseForQueryColumn="true" to your Application.cfc file. Here is a complete example.

component {"root";

Now your query will serialize and respect the case you used when writing your SQL.

Adobe forgot to update the docs for this, but luckily I still have edit access to the wiki. You can see this, and the other Application.cfc variables, here at the reference: Application variables