ColdFusion UI Project Update

About a month ago Adam Cameron and I announced the ColdFusion UI project - a set of articles/demos that demonstrate how to do UI without the ColdFusion UI tags (like cfform, cftable, etc). I wanted to give folks a quick update on the project.

Since release we've had 36 pull requests from multiple people in the community.

We now have chapters for:

  • cfajaxproxy
  • cfcalendar
  • cfchart
  • cfdiv
  • cflayout/tabs
  • cfmenu
  • cfslider
  • cftable
  • cftooltip
  • cfwindow

So far - a great start. I truly hope this turns into a resource that devs can share with their teammates to help them improve their front end skills.

You can download the demos, and contribute your own, at the GitHub repository:

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