So, I'm watching the MTV Video Music Awards. Well, not really. I DVRed it and I'm fast forwarding through about 95% of it. Frankly, the whole "Diddy" thing is so ridiculous that I just can't stand it. Really the only good thing about the show is the Beavis and Butthead clips.

However - there is something interesting going on. MTV is running a new set of commercials based on old wives tales. One, for example, involves the saying that you shouldn't make a face because it could stick.

So what's the point of the campaign? That not everything you hear is true - including the "rumour" that MTV doesn't play music.

Um.... gee.... who would have thought that? Maybe it's because you don't play music anymore. Or when you do, you have screaming teenagers doing "shout outs" during the video. Or you only play part of the video. Or you play about, oh, 10 or so videos over and over again.

But really, I swear I'm not a bitter old man who fondly remembers the old days. Really. Back to the Weather Channel.