This morning, the Mac arrived. For a bunch of silly pictures that has no real benefit for anyone - follow the More link...

So, as I was saying, the Mac arrived this morning. I knew it was "Mini", but I couldn't believe how small it was, and how well designed it felt. Most PCs feel - I won't say weak per se, but but like they could be pushed over with a small breeze. The Mac Mini feels like a small, extremely sturdy brick. Not that it is heavy, it just feels solid.

The above picture is simply the contents of the box unpackaged. For comparison, the picture below is the contents compared to one 2 year old child:

As you can see, the Mac Mini is pretty small, even compared to a small tot. (Although the kid is cooler and has more potential to earn money when he becomes a quarterback for the Saints. What? It can happen!)

I carried the pieces up stairs (but not the tot, all my kids want to do in my office is play with the Star Wars stuff - don't they realize they aren't toys??). I plugged stuff in and turned the machine on. First problem. I can't get any video on my Sony 18 inch. I do a quick Google check and turns out many of the VGA dongles are in bad shape. I do a quick check using my main Dell LCD with DVI:

Look at that. A thing of beauty I tell ya. I do some more fiddling and discover the VGA issue is my fault and I now have it running on my secondary monitor.

I haven't spent a lot of time with the Mac so far - I do have to earn some money during the day - but I just can't get over how beautiful the OS is. I've got Firefox running already and will soon have Eclipse installed. The performance seems pretty "zippy" too, which wasn't what I expected. I did get a gig of ram, but I thought the processor would feel a lot more sluggish compared to my Dell. So far, it seems to run nicely. Anyway - just thought I'd share!