Well it is about darn time. The past few episodes have been ... ok ... but tonight's episode really got me back into Lost again. Juliette's back story was pretty interesting, and definitely taught us quite a few things:

  • On the Island, if a woman gets pregnant, she dies. Now that is pretty darn interesting. The Island seems to heal everyone else (except Ben), why does it kill pregnant women?
  • Not everyone on the Island knows the full story. It was obvious that Juliette certainly was in the dark about a few things. It is probably safe to think that only Ben knows everything going on.

I did have a problem with the episode, and this is a major spoiler. I've said for a while that Juliette was more evil than Ben. Now we know it. But I don't get her motivation. She obviously wants to help solve the issue with the pregnant women and she was obviously very frustrated with Ben and the Others. So why is she helping Ben? I would assume that there is another way off the Island, and he is offering that to her - but that is not how I read the scene. She seemed like a "true believer". We know the Others believe they are doing good. Maybe Juliette has truly joined the fold?