I exchanged a few emails yesterday with Steve concerning an issue he was having creating thumbnails in ColdFusion. He had a query of filenames, many of them, and was looping over each and shrinking them down:

<cfloop query="employee"> <cfif len(photo_path)> <cfimage action="resize" source="#wwwroot#\photos\#userid#\#photo_path#" destination="#wwwroot#\photos\#userid#\thumbnail.jpg" overwrite="yes" height="20%" width="20%"> </cfif> </cfloop>

This worked consistently until he got to the 12th record. Then he would get the following:

Error Occurred While Processing Request
attempt to read data outside of exif segment (index 10080 where max index is 9905)

I confirmed the issue on my server with his 'bad' image, but unfortunately didn't have any luck finding a solution with Google. I did find though that ColdFusion 9 worked with the file perfectly.

Luckily Steve was a better Google Ninja than I, and he found this article from the Webapper folks: ColdFusion 8 EXIF Error

The technique described in the article (getting and deploying an updated JAR) worked perfectly for Steve. Just sharing this in case others run into it as well.