So, after many weeks (sorry, can I blame MAX?) I'm finally picking a winner for my ColdFusion contest. The winning entry is entry three by David B. To be honest, I was happy with all the entries, which sounds like the normal tripe that people roll out at these things, but the whole for this entry was to look at how people solve problem, and see what common mistakes that they (really, all of us), make. In that regards, I'm very happy. I had some issues with his submission's code, but I liked the ability to save data and the use of the computer playing along with you. I'm sure my readers will argue that I'm wrong (grin), and that's fine.

The good news is that I twisted the arm of my contact at Macromedia Press and I'm giving a copy of the Web Application Construction Kit to all of the entries I reviewed. (Thank you Macromedia Press!)

So - readers - what did you think? Outside of taking too long, was this series useful, and did you learn from it? If so, I have an idea for the Intermediate Contest and will go forward with it.