Sorry for the silence on the blog and Twitter front today. There were a few hiccups today at the Unconference that left me a bit scrambled, but big thanks to Charlie and Ezra for keeping things running. Thanks to Chris Hayes for the sponsorship today.

So how is MAX so far? The keynote was interesting. The big news was the ability to publish to the iPhone from Flash. To be clear, this is not the flash player running in Safari, but support for Flash apps as native applications. I've also got to hand it to Adobe for an amazing job on the Mythbusters show. (View it here) Oddly I wasn't able to find any news coverage of this - neither on Slashdot, Digg, or Did anyone else see it mentioned?

ColdFusion got quite a few mentions, and, of course, I hope everyone knows that ColdFusion 9 was released last night. Along with ColdFusion 9, a new version of ColdFusion Builder released on Labs. (And it looks like a lot more was released on Labs as well.)

Well, I thought I had a lot more to say, but frankly, I'm brain dead, so I'll just end it here. Go get ColdFusion 9 and CFB now.