This morning I spent a few hours trying to solve a simple issue in ColdFusion. After wasting time on something that should have been simple, I have decided that enough is enough. From today on I will be dedicating myself to Microsoft and the .Net platform. It is clearly obvious that ColdFusion has no future and .Net is the way to go. Not only from a business perspective but from a technological perspective.

The simple truth is that CFML is far too simple and rapid for proper development. I'm tired of pumping out applications in days instead of weeks. I am especially tired of how much is built into the platform. A "real" programming language would not make database queries so easy, or have built-in support for pop, stmp, http, web services, and charting.

And Flex? Please. Everyone knows the future is Avalon. Or Aero. Or, um, XAML. Whatever Microsoft calls it. I just purchased a thousand dollar video card just for rendering this new technology and promptly uninstalled my Flash plugin. Vista is the future. You may quote me on that.

Last but not least, happy April 1st.